Sometimes life overtakes us, even when we are paddling as fast as we can. Such has been my life for quite some time and this page may seem neglected.

FEAR NOT!!! This blog will continue! For there are many, many more things to say and write about my wonderful family, and even the occasional fictional lick. And just to keep the tone light, let’s have some fun!

One of my admitted oddities is my absentmindedness. I get busy doing other things and I forget stuff. That t-shirt pictured above? Yeah, that’s me. “I like cake. There’s a tree. Hi!”

When I do housework, I’ll start dusting, find a magazine I should throw away, but there’s that article I wanted to read, so I’ll just take a minute to read that, sitting down I notice a pair of earrings I left in the living room, so once I’m done reading I take the earrings upstairs and put them away along with the other pairs I left on my reading table and nightstand. The nightstand is messy, and covered with tissues and cracker crumbs. There’s also a wine glass and two coffee mugs. I take the trash and the dishes back downstairs, making a mental note to come back and make the bed. Downstairs I find the dishwasher has clean dishes in it, so I put the mugs and wine glass on the counter and start putting dishes away. Then the phone rings. I put on headphones and chat with one of my children while I put dishes away. But part of the conversation is a reminder I am supposed to watch grandchildren this afternoon, which sinks my plans for sewing, reading, shopping, housework…but that’s okay, cuz I love being with the grands! I finish putting the dishes away and start loading the dishwasher. I clear a few things from the kitchen counter and decide it’s time for a cup of coffee. This is how I dust. This is how I run my life (or my life runs me!) And this is how I discovered one of my pregnancies.

It was late September, the ragged tail end of a worn out, used up old summer. I don’t think we could have fit one more thing in it.

We had





weeded and


We camped

and fished

and picked berries.

Then one day your father asked when was my period due? I checked the calendar, “Three months ago.”